Fascinance: Forum for Ettinger Studies

Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger is a philosopher,psychoanalyst and Artist. Her theory of Matrixial Border space is a unique theory which discuss the role of maternal and preuterine subjectivity formation. Matrixial border space theory discuss about the possibilities of the existence of non-phallic route to the subjectivity. She works on the intersections of art,psychoanalysis,ethics and aesthetics.
This study group is a forum to discuss about the works of Bracha L Ettinger and the following are the aims of this group:-

1. To Read,Study and Discuss the works of Bracha L Ettinger.
2. To apply the matrixial theory in arts,philosophy,psychoanalysis and art criticism.
3. To Find the possible implications of the concept of "non-life" of Bracha Ettinger in conjunction with the knowledge from various branches of biology such as clinical embryology, nenonatal immunology and developmental biology etc.
4. To elaborte on the works on Matrixial Thanatos and Matrixial Eros and how the approach of bracha differes from the traditional views on death drive.
5. To identify how the Ettingerian theory differs from other psychoanalytic tradition and to discuss the philosophical aspects of matrixial borderspace.
6. To identify the possible connections of brachas works with natural sciences and social sciences.